Finding Funding

There are many ways to find funding for your investment project, small or large. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Credit: take out a small personal loan or use a credit card in order to get funding to move forward with your project.
  2. Investors: Find people who are interested in making money by giving you money to invest in your vision. You may need many investors in order to be able to get the funds you need.
  3. Barter Services: Trade your services with someone else in order to get the product or services you need in order to be able to get started.
  4. Federal and State Grants: Apply for a small business grant. You’ll need to get a business plan together in order to get the grant. They aren’t easy to get but you won’t need to repay them! That’s the best part.
  5. Grants from Private Sources: There are many groups out there that will give you grants based on need. Some will give grants based on qualifications like disabilities and gender.
  6. Crowd Sourcing: You can create a gofundme account or use another internet funding source to ask for donations to use to get your startup going. This is relatively new and is great if you can get the funds. The website will take a small percentage of your donation, so be aware of that.
  7. Start small and build capital: start small by buying and selling small products, like roses, to get the money to buy and sell more products. This takes longer but is more stable in the end than a lot of other sources.

Building your Idea

I have a real world example that I want to share with you about creating a niche inside an existing market. Sometimes the business idea isn’t original, but rather the idea is a spin on an existing idea, service or product. This doesn’t mean to copy existing businesses or models, but take the basic idea, spin it and make it new.

The real world example I have is from my friend over at OKC Limo. In 2000, he bought a limo for 2k and started working on getting clients. He advertised on Adsense, Facebook, even traditional print media. Things were still very competitive and it was hard to fill up enough slots to keep insurance and gas in the limo.

Not one to give up, he looked around at his competitors and noticed that all the limos were pretty much the same. Black, white and pink stretched limos, stretched hummers and that was pretty much it. So, he decided to do something different and offer something different to his clients.

He bought a 1932 Cadillac sedan and turned it into a stretch limo! Then he bought a 2004 Mustang and turned it into a stretched Mustang, capable of holding up to 8 people. Now, he has a fleet that no one else has and is able to charge a premium for a service that nobody else can provide in Oklahoma City.

THAT is how you turn an idea on a dime. Anyone can own a limo service, but providing unique, high status transportation… that’s something else.

When he started the company, he was ranked somewhere in the bottom tier of transportation companies in OKC. Now, he’s ranked No. 1 and is no longer driving his limos or taking reservations. He’s working on building more income with the money he is making from his luxury transportation fleet.

You can do the same, no matter what your idea is: Waffle Taco Truck, Online Thrift Store, Used Books. You can do this and you CAN make it happen. No more excuses.


When looking for your investment opportunity, research is the most important thing.

Research, research, research. I can’t stress this enough. Knowledge is power! Knowing every thing there is to know about your investment opportunity.

There are several ways to research this. In fact, it’s really unlimited. However, there are three ways I suggest:

  1. Keyword search: Using an SEO ranker tool (you can find them online for free, by typing that word into Google), you can find out how much interest there is in something before you buy into it. The higher the keyword search, the more demand there is. For example, if you type in “hot dog burrito truck”, chances are, there isn’t any searches for it. However if you type in “taco truck”, you’ll find something. This will help you build your business plan and marketing strategy.
  2. Checking tax records of local businesses. Not sure your idea will net profit? You can look up tax records for similar business models. For example, you’ve decided to open up a plus-size consignment shop for high end dresses. Look in your area for something similar (hopefully not exactly the same thing, as you want to create a demand for something only you can provide to drive business. We’ll go into that later.) If they have a high profit margin, you can bet that your idea might work well.
  3. Observe current trends. Nobody would have predicted that you could make $100k a year selling neck scarves to young adults 10 years ago, but here we are. Someone saw the opportunity and seized it. Pay attention to your gut. Sometimes, a trend isn’t a trend until it is, meaning that you need to make it a trend. The payoff on this is big, but so is the risk.

A few tips

When you are looking for a way to make money, you have to first have money to invest. If you have $20, look for a $20 investment. Trust me, they are out there! You just have to work to find them.

Not all investments cost thousands of dollars. In fact, some of my best investments cost less than $100.

My first investment was actually a vinyl printer/cutter. It was used and not in the best of condition, but from that initial $89 investment, I made a total of $300. I took that $300, and instead of going out to eat and buying non-income generating items from it, I bought another printer, more vinyl and a few works of art from fiverr. Just like that, I was in business. I began making and selling vinyl stickers and was bringing in about 700 a month from a part time gig.

Not bad right?

Well, with that $700 a month, I started selling flowers at the local bars. Doesn’t seem like much, but let’s look at this. A rose, retail,will cost you roughly $3.50. I bought them in bulk for $2.75. They last for about 3 days in the fridge. So, 100 roses, or $275 in roses, $25 in fancy ribbons, a little labor and I sold those roses for $5.oo each in two days.

Do that four times a month and you start bringing in a little cash. Hire other people to do it for you and that’s where the money starts to really get good.

It takes time to build it, but you CAN do it!


A little bit about me or whatever.

I’m just your average guy, except that I am an entrepreneur. I look for business deals and invest in various things, such a real estate, transportation, or even food service (although that can be risky and actually cause you to lose money.)

I love that I don’t have to work certain hours and that I am more or less free to do what I want to do. I don’t know that I could ever go back to working for someone else after I started working for myself.

Even though I have partners, I don’t have a boss and so far, everything is working great. I’ve lost money and made money. That’s the way it works. So far, I have made more money than I have lost which means I am winning as far as I am concerned.